Burke Mountain


Burke Mountain


Owner: Wesbild Holdings Ltd.
Engineering Consultant: InterCad Services Ltd.
Geotechnical Consultant: Golder Associates Ltd.
Environmental Consultant: Enkon Environmental Limited

Gemco has completed seven contracts in Wesbild’s Smiling Creek neighbourhood and another nine contracts in other neighbourhoods on Burke Mountain. To date, the company has serviced 358 single family lots and several multi-family sites. Gemco has also been contracted by Wesbild to operate the soil disposal site on Harper Road. So far, over 200,000 m³ of material has been placed. Placing this large quantity of soil, mostly organics with high moisture content, provided many challenges to achieve the required compaction. Erosion and sediment control measures are of paramount importance.The project sites are adjacent to protected watercourses and are on a steep slope. This requires strict adherence to erosion and sediment control plans to ensure silt-laden water does not enter the creeks and that cut/fill slopes remain stable.

The project has included:

  • Excavation and embankment fills
  • Extensive new roadwork
  • Multiple large retaining walls (7,500 m2)
  • Erosion and sediment control systems including ponds and rock-lined swales

The project has been performed under the watchful eye of the municipality, ministry of environment and local stream-keepers. Gemco has shown to be a leader in design and implementation of erosion and sediment control methods and prevention. Gemco has been commended for these efforts by the stakeholders.