Glenlyon Business Park

Glenlyon Business Park

South Burnaby

Owner: Canada Land Company
Project Manager: Core Group Consultants
Engineer: Hunter Laird Engineering

Gemco’s first contract of the multi-phase industrial park at Glenlyon was awarded in May 1994. Over the next eight years we constructed nearly $8 million of utilities, roads and other works. The project included:

  • 3 km of gravity mains and culverts varying from 300 mm to 1,650 mm in diameter
  • Sanitary system with 1.2 km of low-pressure forcemain, 800 m of forcemain and 700 m of small diameter gravity main
  • 3 km of watermain (most of it cathodically protected)
  • Electrical and telephone civil work
  • 2.7 km of new roadway
  • Network of pedestrian pathways
  • Footbridges and decorative plazas

The surface work at Glenlyon reflects the natural environment of the business park.